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The Become the 
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How To Get More Attention, Affection and Appreciation From Your Wife Without Giving Up Your Man Card or Having to Change Your Partner (hint: you can't change her 😉)
This  3-Day Challenge Is Your Roadmap To Powerfully Attracting Your Partner
Monday, April 24th - Thursday, April 27th, 2023
Presentations will last about 30 minutes each day and be available to watch, even if you cannot join us LIVE
Presented by Monica Tanner: Host of the "Secrets of Happily Ever After" podcast
Your Path To Success Starts In:
In This LIVE 3-Day Challenge You'll Discover:
  • Common Misconceptions and Mistakes husbands generally make when trying to get their wive's attention.
  • How to be a Superhero by calling on your alter ego do the things you thought you never could.
  • Your Super Hero Identity, Servant Leadership and how to serve your wife and family better.
  • Traits and Habits of a Hero Husband and how to communicate better with your partner in crime.
  • The S.P.I.E.S Framework guaranteed to bring the PASSION and FUN back to your relationship.
  • Why prioritizing your relationship is the best thing for the whole family.
  • And so much more!
Meet Monica:
Monica Tanner is a super-wife, boss-mom of 4 incredible humans, weekly podcaster at Secrets of Happily Ever After and a Relationship and Intimacy Expert. Her obsession is helping couples create the relationship they crave by improving intimacy in every area of their lives.

By day she's just a southern girl raising her family in Idaho with the man of her dreams. She also knows that being emotionally and sexually fulfilled by night makes her a better wife, mom, and all-around human.

But she gets the most satisfaction from sharing the secrets that have made her marriage of two decades the most amazing, intimate, and fun relationship possible... And she wants the same for you... 

She wants to teach you the subtle Art Of Complete Connection.
If you're ready to create the marriage of your dreams, full of intimacy and respect then the Become the Hero Husband is for you.
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